Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Autmn Outfit

Autmn Outfit

Hello, It is firwroks season so i thought id create a great outdoors outfit suitable for the cold autumn weather.
Firstly there is a grey heart bobbled baggy sweatshirt. This is great because it can keep you very warm and the clour it is means it goes with almost any other clothing item.
Next is a pair of loose 'mom jeans' from Newlook (Baggy jeans are slowly coming back into fashion give it a few years and they will be back :-O ). They fit well with autumn as the colour of them isnt too dark and dull as they still work well in this season.
Then there is the socks to wear which are green with cute animals on, to wear with the socks is the brown ankle boots with a heel, always good for when its raining and cold.
The coat if from riverisland and although it costs £90 its really warm , thick and looks nice, The only downfall would it being how its not waterproof.
The hat its a wooly beanie personally i dont like hats because i get annoyed with them but for some people they really suit them. Next is the scarf which is great for this season because of the orange colour. Then the gloves are from super dr although they cost £20 they are so soft and warm. They are brilliant for skiing. once you put them  on u cant take them off !
Finally the flask from new look as you always need a flask filled with your favorite hot drink in this weather !
Anyone going to fireworks have fun ! -x-x-x-

Gray sweater
£30 - Next

River Island duffle coat
£90 - riverisland.com

Denim jeans
£22.99 - newlook.com

Topshop green socks
£3.50 topshop.com

Chelsea boots
£24.99 - newlook.com

Superdry fleece lined mitten
£19.99 superdry.com

Topshop scarve
£28  - topshop.com

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