Monday, 19 January 2015

PRODUCT REVIEW: zoella makeup bag

So as U may know beauty vlogger zoe sugg , beats unworn as zoella released a beauty and bath product range a few months ago. Here's a review on what I think and feel about each makeup bag in her collection.

Firstly is the pink guinea pig bag. Personally this is my favourite I feel like this is aimed towards younger people. However, this could also be because I'm not exactly an "animal" perso. I've never been a lover or found cuteness in a lot of animal this could be because I've never had pets. But I do like how the guinea pig is wearing glasses ;)

Next is actually my favourite style bag. It's the "just say yes" makeup bag. I really love quotes andotivatipnal messages love this bag :) also I like colours used (creamy pink and rose gold). This is actually the newest relaese in her collection which was only out a couple of weeks ago. 

Finally is the turquoise makeup bag. I think it's a cool idea to have the eyes on re bag as I use them as makeup bags, I also tend to use quite a bit of eye makeup. 

I think all three of the bags are really pretty ! They're nice and big as I find sole makeup bags are and awkward size so U ant quote got evrything in comfortably. You can also use them as pencil cases. What I like is how all three , even though there different colours and a differnt main picture, they all have the polka dot theme and in some ways are the same. 

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