Saturday, 21 February 2015

B&W graphic tees

B&W graphic tees

World peace now

Over dress

Nothing to wear

Hello. so at the moment in allot of shops i have noticed they're selling lots of black and white graphic tees.
(in order of appearance) 

From River island there is an £18 over sized tshirt with a round neck and turn up sleeves. It has 'ME? SHOPPING ADDICTION?'  in black bold writing. with 'never' in a metallic gold colour.Then there is the £35 world peace now tee from topshop. Following from that is the £8 nothing to wear tshirt from newlook. this is  my favourite design because i always complain about having nothing to wear so when i do i can wear this tshirt instead of emptying out my entire wardrobe trying to find something. Finally is another tshirt from river island costing £16. 

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