Friday, 27 February 2015


Hello, so as you may have all seen (since this dress has piratically taken over all social media) this dress has caused some disagreements. A debate between family and friends about the colour of a dress for a wedding has become an Internet sensation. They posted a photograph of the dress (top) asking what colour people thought it was since they were disagreeing. However it has gone globally. 
It seems that half the people see the photograph of the dress at gold and white, but the other half see it as blue and black.
I see it as gold and white, like pretty much everyone i simply cannot see how anyone can see the top photo as the the opposite colour. The annoying part for me is that the original dress is actually blue and black just my eyes cant see it (I've even tried looking at it in the dark and with one eye open) i just can't see it. Its down the science though. Apparently everyone eyes see colour slightly differently just how this photo was taken by a complete accident showing the extremes of it and it just manages to show to everyone how people do see colour slightly different. I guess nobody can ever fully describe a colour. 

which do you see gold and white or blue and black ??

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